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Marc François Paya, curious pluridisciplinary specialist doctor that passionately explores competence fields

Pain specialist, with a diplome in acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, auriculo medecin,  Marc François Paya is a former director of a university department, medical consultant and expert for courts. As speaker and lecturer, he fulfils is the same time responsible for scientific fonctions and leads formations in his specialist fields, in particular nutrition and metabolism. 

As researcher that passionately wants to ackowledge something new, member of expert groups, Marc François Paya is the doctor who searches and finds!

For an open and tolerant approach of complementary medicine
The Ordre Départemental des Médecins de Côte d’Or leads with example!

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Bulletin de l’Ordre Départemental des Médecins de Côte d’Or from January 2007

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