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The results are here: Our satisfied clients describe their experience and they are in fact your best guarantee.

Sincere, moving, sometimes troubling stories which are nevertheless real and proven situations!

Testimonials were published with approval of our clients and translated into English. 

Annick B., 60 years old

For 2 years, I have been suffering from strong pains in my right shoulder. The pain starts along the neck and goes down to the shoulder up to the arm. At night, it was horrible.



Mister PRUNIER, In June 2011, a friend told me about stem cells and gave me a CD of a conference from Mr. Jacques PRUNIER. Having people around me that suffer from health problems, we have to know a product to


Dolorés, 01.03.2012

„Hello Chantal, I pass on this email to you to confirm you the improvements I experience since a few months back. To remind you: I have been having heart problems for a long time and had two heart operations. After the first operation,


Christine C., 15.12.2014

„I simply give my testimonial after Martine M. asked me to in order to explain how I feel after the daily intake of two capsules of SynerBoost and 1 spoon of AlphaOne after 1 month. For more than 3 years I have been suffering from very intense pains after a


Annick B.

„My mother is feeling better every day. For Christmas, she was able to quit the hospital for the first time to visit us in Isère. Since the 11th November she is taking SynerBoost. She quit the hospital ofMontélimar on Saturday 15th November. Nobody could do anything for her anymore 


Martine D.

We are in June 2013, I am diagnosed with general cancer because several organs are concerned: ovary (will be removed), suprarenal gland, lung and several small tumours in the pelvic cavity. The first oncologist tells me:


Evelyne P.

In 25 years I had 7 hip operations. Insertion and removal of hip prostheses with more or LESS success. But the scar on the right hip had the habit to


Yves G., 20.12.2014

After a car accident in 1998, my knee was little bent. With time and wear, the cartilage caused pains in the right knee and the left hip, which were getting stronger and stronger. In January 2014, I was operated


Patrick B., 55 years old

I have been a diabetic for several years. When I was diagnosed with diabetes my score was 6 grams (I know it’s a lot). So, I am


René A.

For seven years, I have been undergoing radiotherapies concerning prostate cancer. As you know, the rays burn the cancer cells but do not differentiate the healthy cells. That means that since then,

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